Kitchen appliances also need maintenance.

Source:Yongkang Haoying Electric Appliance Co., Ltd.Publication time:2019-08-20

A complete home, a high-grade kitchen, and ultimately the purchase of electrical appliances, today we ask home appliance experts to talk about the maintenance of kitchen appliances, can help you easily achieve the kitchen appliances "big law."

Maintenance of the cooker

Unlike other kitchen appliances, the cooker has detailed reminders and maintenance manuals. Therefore, the maintenance of the cooker is often neglected by people, resulting in aging, rust and failure of the internal parts. Regularly clean the fire holes on the fire cover to prevent blockage. After the fire cover of the cooker is damaged, the original product must be purchased and cannot be replaced at will, so as to avoid poor combustion. Long-term use of the intake hose can age or break, posing a safety hazard. Therefore, when the intake hose is aging, it should be replaced in time. Do not use the adhesive tape to make up and continue to use.

Disinfection cabinet maintenance

The disinfection cabinet should be placed horizontally in a dry and ventilated place without debris, and should not be less than 30 cm from the wall. Regularly clean and maintain the disinfection cabinet, pour out the water in the water collection box at the lower end of the cabinet and wash it. When cleaning the disinfection cabinet, first unplug the power plug, wipe the inner and outer surfaces of the disinfection cabinet with a clean damp cloth, and do not use water to flush the disinfection cabinet. If it is too dirty, first wipe it with a damp cloth with a neutral detergent, then wipe the detergent with a clean damp cloth, and finally dry it with a dry cloth. When cleaning, be careful not to hit the heating tube or the ozone generator. Always check that the door seal is well sealed to avoid heat loss or ozone spillage, which will affect the disinfection effect. When using, if it is found that the quartz heating tube does not heat up, or the "beep" sound generated by the high-voltage discharge of the ozone generator is not heard, it indicates that the disinfection cabinet has failed, and should be stopped and sent to the maintenance department for repair.

Dishwasher maintenance

When using the dishwasher, ground wire must be connected to ensure safety. Dishwasher does not completely replace manual labor, so do not carry other debris such as fish bones, leftovers, rice, etc. in the washed dishes. Otherwise, it may easily block the filter or hinder the rotation of the nozzle and affect the washing effect. When placing utensils in the machine, the tableware should not be exposed outside the metal basket. Smaller cups, spoons, etc. should avoid falling and preventing collisions to avoid breakage. These small appliances can be used in smaller, smaller baskets, which is safer. Always keep the inside and outside of the dishwasher clean and hygienic. After use, use a brush to remove dirt and debris from the filter to prevent blockage. Apply some deodorant to remove the odor every month for 1-2 times. In order to better clean the dishes and eliminate water spots, special dishwasher detergent should be used to wash the dishes instead of soapy water or washing powder. Special detergents are characterized by low foaming and high alkalinity, so they cannot be washed directly by hand to avoid burning the skin.