Electric furnace use precautions

Source:Yongkang Haoying Electric Appliance Co., Ltd.Publication time:2019-08-14

Due to the high power of the electric furnace, when the power cord is configured, the copper core wire capable of withstanding 15A current should be selected, and the sockets, plugs, switches, etc. used in conjunction should also meet this requirement. Otherwise, the large current during the operation of the electric furnace may cause the electric wires, sockets, etc. to heat up or burn. Also, if possible, it is best to install an insurance (safety) box at the power cord outlet to ensure safety.

The electric furnace is different from the stove constructed by the material structure such as brick or iron. The bearing weight is limited. Generally, the food should not exceed 5 kg, and the bottom of the pot should not be too small, so that the pressure of the furnace surface is under pressure. The force is not too heavy and too concentrated. In case you need to heat the overweight and oversized pots, you should set up a support frame for the pots and then insert the electric stove into the bottom of the pot.

When installing the electric discharge furnace in the kitchen, it should be ensured that there is no object blocking at the inlet and exhaust holes of the furnace body. Do not place objects or liquids that may damage the electric furnace on the side or the bottom of the furnace. Need to be reminded that when the electric furnace is found to have its built-in fan not turning during work, it should be immediately deactivated and repaired in time.