Small kitchen appliances, steamed egg use guide

Source:Yongkang Haoying Electric Appliance Co., Ltd.Publication time:2019-08-14

As prices continue to fall, niche kitchen appliances are beginning to enter the people's field of vision, and steamed eggs are increasingly appearing in our kitchens, ranging in price from tens to hundreds of pieces. In terms of quality, it is also mixed. Therefore, it must be considered in use, pay attention to the use of safety.

Precautions for using steamed egg:

1. When you start steaming eggs, use a sharp object to knock the top of the egg into a small hole so that the egg does not burst during cooking. However, there is a condensed egg liquid in the small hole of the egg after cooking, which is not very good. Although some of the boiled egg racks are relatively high, all hollowed out and the heated surface is more complete, but the eggs are cracked when they are not punched.

2. When the water is released, the measuring cup can be used. The water is not too much. If the water is low, it will not be cooked. I am used to being fully cooked, so they are all half a cup. The matching measuring cups are marked on the top.

3. When using it, be sure to place the steamed egg in a horizontal place. If the water is tilted, the water in the heating plate will be uneven. It will easily cause empty burning after starting work.

4. During steaming the egg, the steamed egg will be very hot, and the water vapor in the venting hole can also burn people, and can not be close to the touch. Special attention should be paid to children at home!

5. After steaming, all the water will evaporate, and the buzzer will sound to remind you, but the sound is not big, you need to pay attention. Even if the internal power is automatically disconnected, it is still connected to the socket, so unplug the plug as soon as possible after the buzzer sounds.

6. The water vapor is very large, it is best not to use it close to the appliance to prevent the internal parts of the appliance from getting wet.

7. When the egg is cooked, it is still very hot when it is powered off. It needs to be cold. Avoid burns.

8. The lid and steamed egg rack can be washed with water. The lower heating plate and the base are connected. Do not touch the water, but clean it with a damp cloth.

9. Steamed eggware is small, it is best to steam eggs. Steamed steamed buns are also available. The heating plate is stainless steel, not a wok, so it is not recommended for omelettes.