Kitchenware storage

Source:Yongkang Haoying Electric Appliance Co., Ltd.Publication time:2019-08-14

For the housewife, the kitchen is like its own territory. I want to clean up this small space filled with all kinds of pots and pans, rice noodles, and seasonings. It is also convenient to use at the same time. The placement of the items is very important.

Hanging cabinet: The higher position in the hanging cabinet is not easy to pick and place. It can be used for things that are not used for a long time but are not very heavy. It is easy to reach the place where it is easy to get wet.

Wall: An equipment rack can be installed. Put detergent, dish cloth, etc. above the pool; put the usual seasonings and spatula next to the stove.

Drawers: It is convenient and convenient to store. It can be placed in the order of spoons, measuring cups, scissors and other frequently used things.

Cabinets under the pool: Avoid drains and use some shelves to hold things like trays. The bottom is very damp, placing things like water that are not damp or heavy tools that are not commonly used.